Pyrophosphoryl Chloride

We manufacture and provide high quality Pyrophosphoryl Chloride. It is packed in 2.5 Litre glass bottles (Equivalent to 4 kg material) in EPS moulded Themocole. And then four bottles / packs are packed in 9 mm thick wooden boxes which are specially approved by Cargo AIR Craft.

Pyrophosphoryl Chloride is actually a specialty Chemical for Dexa/Betamethasone phosphate. Pyrophosphoryl Chloride is a colorless liquid with a boiling point of 110°C at 10-mm pressure and can be stored for about 6 months at low temperature without any decomposition.
Specifications of Pyrophosphoryl Chloride:

Product Details:
Name Of Product Pyrophosphoryl Chloride
CAS No 13498-14-1
Molecular Weight 251.76
Description It is a colorless liquid
Specific Gravity 1.79-1.81
Assay NLT 99 %